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Sep 10

My n was not bomb enoug)(. No more n. No more b. We’re getting rid of t)(e entirety of bot)( t)(e -English and Alternian alp)(abet, actually.


i dont wwant to talk about this anymore i feel stupid and awwful and i shouldntvve throwwn you under the bridge for not sayin anythin

)(umm. Okay? It’s c)(ill I guess.

wwader said: they come to seal your contract. you knoww the one you made fifty swweeps ago to ensure your fingernail length wwill nevver wwavver??? yeah wwell say goodbye to your earlobes




just ask wwhenevver i guess


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Do you need buttpats? T)(e bulge was good. Would accept bulge again. Magnifique bulge.

Sep 09


i dont think theres evver been such an easy wway to tell that someone really does not care much more about you than a pile of toenail clippings

It was a joke, omfc, I cuttled you afterwards? I don’t know w)(at you want, it’s not like I just walked away! I was in t)(e same spot for an entire nig)(t. I even said t)(ank you. (W)(ile you were sleeping. T)(ere’s no proof I actually said t)(ank you.)



im losin my mind wwhen are you goin to address wwhat happened theres not enough chords on the guitar for me to express my frustration

Dude I get it my )(air is red you do NOT )(ave to keep reminding me???????????????????????????

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I got cute clot)(es t)(e ot)(er day at a mall. I t)(ink it was a )(uman memory because t)(ere was an entire store full of )(ats. No ordinary troll would do t)(is. I don’t even undersand t)(e purpose of )(ats, TB)(, but t)(at is not t)(e point. I )(ave an Ariel dressĀ